Franziska Schmidt-Dengler


Registered Osteopath and Chartered Physiotherapist

Franziska Schmidt-Dengler, Registered Osteopath and Chartered PhysiotherapistFranziska Schmidt-Dengler is an Registered Osteopath and Chartered Physiotherapist at the Putney Clinic. She studied physiotherapy in Vienna and graduated in 2004. After working at the trauma unit at the General Hospital of Vienna and in private practice, she moved to France. While living in Paris, she worked at the Cancer Unit of the Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou. In addition, she also worked in private practice in Levallois, where she specialised in scoliosis.

In 2010 Fran moved to London, and initially specialised in paediatrics. Fran helped to set up and develop Infant Massage for Full Circle at St Georges Hospital. In 2014, she graduated with an MSc in Osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy (now University College of Osteopathy). She has since worked in private practice in Canary Wharf, the City and Marylebone. During this time, she has developed a special interest in Women’s Health.

Fran joined the Putney Clinic team in 2020 and is our specialist in paediatrics and Women's Health. As such, she sees patients from all age groups; from new borns to the elderly. She also provides Women’s Health treatments. In addition to this, she can also offer scar treatment and breast-related issues.

Fran can also see patients for approaches to pain management, injury prevention and rehabilitation, prior to and following surgery. Having studied physiotherapy as well as osteopathy, Fran assesses and treats with both approaches. Her rehabilitation methods include: functional rehabilitation, manual therapy, visceral therapy, cranial and neurokinetic therapy. In addition to this, she also incorporates Pilates and Yoga into her rehabilitation programmes. This approach allows Fran to offer her patients a tailored programme of rehabilitation. She also offers Manual Lymphatic Drainage, using the Vodder Technique and deep oscillation. This can also be used for pre and post surgery patients.

Fran danced for 8 years and, being hypermobile herself, has a special interest in hypermobility, dance and theatre. She has studied physical theatre at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre.

Clients receiving treatments from Fran who use health insurance should obtain a specific osteopathy code from their insurer.


Franziska Schmidt-Dengler's particular areas of expertise in Osteopathy and Physiotherapy are:

  • Women's Health
  • Paediatrics
  • Hypermobility
  • Feet

In addition to English, Fran also speaks French and German.

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“I started to see Fran as an Osteopath where she made a huge difference to my back, stiff neck, sore calf and other general sports related soreness. Her kind nature and attention to detail meant that she listened to what I had to say about areas that are sore and therefore always treated areas that had a positive difference on my body.

When she suggested I get a scan on a troublesome sore knee, it was excellent advice as it seemed surgery was required. She then took charge of my rehabilitation, where her combined expertise as both an osteopath and physiotherapist meant I got the treatment I needed whilst progressing in exercises to improve my strength.

In just 14 weeks, Fran got me to a point where my knee was strong and stable enough to ski. She knew when to push me a bit harder to get results and when I needed to keep going with the same exercises for a bit longer. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Brooke Kenwright

“I have had continuous back pain throughout my life and have seen several chiropractors and osteopaths over the years. Fran has been the first professional to not only relive the pain in the short term, but also find out the root cause of the recurring pain. She has suggested several practical movements to strengthen and stretch the right parts of my body for a pain-free back in the long term.

Each session, Fran takes the time to listen to each niggle (however insignificant you may think they are), and systematically works through the theories she believes could determine the causal factor. She is an extremely knowledgeable osteopath and adapts her sessions to look at what you would like to work on that day, taking into consideration the sports you do and other lifestyle factors.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Fran. She's always positive and has made me feel comfortable in her office. I would highly recommend Fran as your osteopath at the Putney Clinic."

Dominique Nielsen



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