Running and cycling are both excellent forms of exercise, but all too often runners and cyclings get sidelined by injury, many of which are overuse injuries and avoidable.

Recreational runners and those new to regular running can be prone to increase intensity and distance too quickly and cause overuse injuries. Building up runs gradually and including strength and conditioning work into a training schedule can help avoid a lot of these injuries.

Most running related injuries are leg related and can also be linked to biomechanical issues.

Many runners are also cyclists and cycling can be a great form of cross training as well as excellent exercise in itself, helping build leg strength and aerobic fitness. Injuries in recreational cyclists crop up across the body with knee and neck pain being two of the most common.

As well as building full body strength alongside regular cycling, one crucial way to help avoid the breadth of cycling injuries is to ensure you are correctly set up on your bike and not over-stretching. Getting the correct saddle height and position is absolutely crucial to comfortable and injury free cycling.

If you would like to find out more about treatment for sports injuries such as running and cycling our sports injury clinic may well be able to help.