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On this page, we have put together a number of useful patient resources. These include videos offering advice on how to improve posture while carrying out everyday activities and how to prevent injury.

Clive Lathey's broadcast at the Academy of Physical Medicine

How to lift and carry children without causing back pain

This video from Adrian Dilworth, Osteopath at the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy, shows how to lift and carry children without causing back pain.

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How to prevent back pain & injury from everyday domestic activities

So many domestic tasks can lead to back pain, generally as a result of poor posture. Over time this leads to injury. The Putney Clinic has put this informational film together to show how everyday tasks in the home can so easily lead to back pain and how to correct posture and avoid injury when carrying out everyday domestic tasks.

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The importance of biomechanical analysis

If you are a runner it's really useful to have your gait analysed by a professional so that you are fully aware of any muscle imbalances or weaknesses that you can then work on improving with exercises to reduce injury risk and increase running efficiency. Equally important is the professional diagnosis of the biomechanics of the feet so that correct advice can be given on footwear and orthotics.

John Durkin, Podiatrist at Active Life Podiatry, makes comments as follows on the person running in the clip below:

"We assess runners with a detailed lower limb assessment – checking for range of motion and strength. We  will then scrutinise running form- analysis of how any limb tightness and weakness may affect running. In this clip the hips drop on impact – revealing possible weakness in the hip  abductor muscles. There is also foot pronation- this can be as compensation for poor hip control or due to poor mechanics of the feet themselves. Improvements on strength and technique can help, but sometimes foot orthoses, and running shoe  advice  may be needed to control the feet and also help with issues higher up -such as the hips."

Gait analysis

Posture and preventing injury

Posture is any position that you hold your body against gravity while standing, sitting or lying down. Good posture means the body will be able to maintain correct alignment and minimise stress or strain on joints, ligaments and muscles. Maintaining good posture is vital in helping to prevent injury. In this section, we have collated a selection of videos and general hints and tips as useful patient resources.

Posture tips in the office

Video credit: MartelaGroup

Posture tips when driving

Video credit: RECARO

Posture tips when gardening

Posture tips when doing housework

Video credit: Gord McMorland

Why should I choose physiotherapy?

Video credit: Wimbledon Clinics

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Pain relief and rehabilitation

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