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Demystifying the Perimenopause. Free webinar with Linia Patel. Monday 28 March 2022 (7-8pm). Book your place online

Demystifying The Perimenopause

DEMYSTIFYING THE PERIMENOPAUSE Free Webinar: Monday 28 March 2022, 7-8pm Presentation by Linia Patel (Dietitian) The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy is running a free public health webinar titled Demystifying the Perimenopause on Monday 28 March 2022 (7-8pm) with Linia Patel. When you hit your 40’s you quickly learn that exercise and nutrition routines that worked for you before just don’t seem to cut it anymore. But don’t worry… You can still rock it and thrive in your forties. You…

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Postnatal Physical Therapy

A very interesting article about postnatal physical therapy by Julie Revelant, published originally in Fox Health News. She argues that every new mother needs physical therapy in order to rehabilitate and strengthen pelvic floor muscles that become weakened during childbirth. At The Putney Clinic, we offer several postnatal physical therapy services as part of our Women’s Health and Mums and Babies clinics. These services include Postnatal MOTs (with our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Lauren Wee) and postnatal massage. In addition to…

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Exercising During Pregnancy

If you regularly exercised prior to becoming pregnant, it is beneficial for you and your baby to continue exercising at a safe level until birth. With this is mind, here are 10 tips for exercising during pregnancy from Chartered Physiotherapist Claire Cason. 10 TIPS FOR EXERCISING DURING PREGNANCY Discuss with a member of your obstetric team before continuing with an existing exercise regime. Women who exercised prior to pregnancy should be able to engage in high intensity exercise with caution and…

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