Caroline Marlow


Chartered Psychologist

Specialising in Injury and Pain

Caroline Marlow, Injury and Pain Psychologist

Caroline Marlow is a BPS Chartered Practitioner Psychologist (Sport & Exercise) with HCPC Registration. She has a PhD in behaviour change, a 25-year career as a university lecturer and researcher, and is now a full-time consultant.

Caroline helps those who want to recover faster, have pain that’s not going away, or whose injury or pain keep returning. She also helps those who ask why they are not healing as expected, why they can't find a physical cause, and why pain changes, comes and goes, moves around the body.

She uses pain education and psychology to help you understand what’s causing your injury and pain. As well as finding the solutions that are right for you, and to support you through the needed changes. Specifically, she helps you to understand the key role your brain plays in how quickly your body heals, how you trigger, feel and cope with pain. In addition, she helps you to take control, so that you can: be positive that you can manage your recovery/pain; make informed decisions of what to do to help you recover better and faster, and make helpful changes in what you think, feel and do.

She can also work alongside your osteopath or physiotherapist to ensure co-ordinated support.

Caroline is personable, dedicated and cares about making a difference for her clients. Her background supporting high performance athletes and her own experience of back pain means that she knows the frustrations and worries that injury and pain can bring. She’s a proud mum and enjoys being active and having fun with her family.


Caroline specialises in the following areas:

  • Injury and Pain Education
  • Psychology of Recovery
  • Behaviour Change

Contact Caroline Marlow

Caroline works predominantly online, but can arrange face-to-face consultations at the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy upon request.

For more information, please visit the L&M Consulting website. To find out if she can help you, click on the ‘Can We Help You’? button.



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