Stress management

Chronic Stress: A Physical Therapy Approach. Free webinar with Jonathan Spadaccini. Monday 27 November 2023, 7-8pm

Chronic Stress: Free Webinar

Chronic Stress: A Physical Therapy Approach Free webinar with talk by Jonathan Spadaccini Monday 27 November 2023, 7-8pm Join us for an insightful online event that aims to tackle the challenges of chronic stress. In this session, we will explore how physical therapy can play a crucial role in managing and alleviating the effects of stress on our bodies. During this session, our experienced registered Osteopath Jonathan Spadaccini will share practical tips and techniques to help you better cope with…

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Do You Worry More Than You Like?

Blog post written by FionaWorthington Clinical Hypnotherapist and Cognitive Behavioural Coach at the Putney Clinic looks at how self-knowledge helps us change habits and keep those New Year resolutions. If you worry more than you would like, try this simple tip. What is worry? “Worry is not based upon what is likely to happen. Worries are based on what would be terrible if it did happen. They are not based upon probability they are based on fear” David Carbonell. We…

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