Triathlon seminars

Measuring Performance In Triathletes

This information has been supplied by Clive Lathey D.O MSc (Sports Medicine), and Osteopath at the Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy. Clive is a specialist in working with and treating both amateur and professional triathletes. This is the third in our series of triathlon focussed blog posts – measuring performance in triathletes. The first post can be found here and the second here. Vo2 Max This is a common test for running fitness. It is the measure of the maximum amount of oxygen…

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Focus Triathlon – Training The Body’s Energy Systems

This is the second in our series of triathlon focussed blog posts. The first post can be found here. There are 3 trainable overlapping energy systems that need to be trained effectively to run a good triathlon and training will need to be tailored to the specific distance triathlon someone is undertaking. Energy systems The challenge is to train each system optimally with the most effective time spent in each zone to maximize fitness outcomes. The polarised approach to training…

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Focus Triathlon

Following on from our New Year blog about the benefits of exercise, we’re focusing here on three very popular sports where we commonly treat injuries – running, cycling and swimming. In each sport there are optimal biomechanics that will help lead to improved performance and injury prevention. Below we list the most typical injuries and the most common causes: Running Optimal biomechanics Body maintained sagittal direction Minimal vertical displacement of the centre of mass Minimal frontal & transverse plane deflection…

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