It is not uncommon to have more than one problem in the body simultaneously. This surprises many people but as osteopaths, this is actually something we see very often. This is good news for patients, who may find resolution to several persistent problems. However, the key is finding the primary problem.


Achilles tendon injuries can take months to recover, during which time a slight limp can develop and put strain on the other leg and also the back muscles, spine and pelvis. Here the primary problem is the Achilles injury and the spine is unlikely to respond to treatment if the Achilles injury is not fully addressed.

Conversely, if the spine has been injured and the body has a slight lean to one side, this can lead to strain on the side which is taking more weight. Translating this into real terms, a long-distance runner with a spine injury could develop, for example, an Achilles tendon injury. This may take time to manifest itself, but with an increase in the volume of training some strain/ dysfunction will be felt.

The primary problem in this instance is the spinal injury and the Achilles injury is a consequence of this. It is worth noting that the Achilles may not respond to treatment if the spine is not properly addressed.


Recurrent injuries must be one of the most frustrating things, whether this is simply a lower back problem or say a groin injury in football or rugby. If you suffer from any form of recurrent injury, it is possible that the treatment may not have dealt effectively with the primary cause. This is where osteopathy can be really helpful.


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