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Happiness is a choice? Find out what makes you happy, create your own happiness list.

It’s easy to think that the outside world is responsible for making us happy. But we also contribute a big chunk to our happiness.

Sonja Lyubomirsky has studied happiness for over 25 years. She has created a happiness pie chart. This shows that 50 percent of our long-term happiness level is genetically determined, 10 percent is by what life throws at us and 40% by our own making. So, we all have a big part in making ourselves happy.

We have to work at being happy. I use ‘Happiness Lists’ as part of the homework that I give my clients. I ask them to write a list of things that make them feel good. These things do not have to be big they can be small like “a cup of coffee at a favourite café.” It’s tempting to google and just copy someone else’s list. But the reality is that it’s the process of doing that is important. What makes me happy may not be the same for you. It’s very personal exercise so write your own list. Of course, there are overlaps between us all.

Common themes are exercise, being outdoors, laughter, connections with friends and family are vital. So, go on write your list and feel free to send it in. Compile your own happiness list

1. It’s your job to know what makes you happy.

2. Write up to 20 things on a list.

3. Keep it close – inside of a cupboard or on your phone so you can refer to it.

4. Keep in mind experiences rather than possessions.

5. Use this list when you are feeling out of sorts.

6. Change it edit it doesn’t need to be too long.


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