Fiona Worthington Clinical Hypnotherapist and Cognitive Behavioural Coach at the Putney Clinic helps us see more clearly through “Mindfulness.”

Mindfulness is incredibly simple. It’s about us being becoming more aware of what’s going on in our lives. Moving from “automatic” pilot to the “non-doing” or “being mode.”

We spend much of our time rushing about, being busy around doing a million things. We drive, we go to work, we eat food, we meet friends, we work out. But how often are we 100% involved in what we are doing? How often are we thinking about yesterday, tomorrow, or something different completely different? Not really fully there, not really conscious. We are moving in automatic pilot from one thing to the next and the reality is that we are missing a lot of things, we are missing big chunks of our lives by not being present.

Through mindfulness meditation, we practice deliberately stepping out of this “automatic pilot” into this “non-doing” “being” mode. Here we become more aware, and in time this awareness seeps up through the floorboards into other areas of our lives. Gradually we learn to react less and understand more, even the rushing around doesn’t seem quite so stressful. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. We see things differently, we listen more, we feel more, we understand more.


Photo by Simon Wilkes 

Fiona Worthington –

Fiona offers a range of Psychological Services at the Putney Clinic.